Best Sony Earbuds: TOP-Rated Products In 2023

Best Sony Earbuds TOP-Rated Products In 2023
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Do you know the Best Sony Earbuds? You may have come across the Sony brand and wondered if they were worth it. If you’re looking for excellent quality sound, comfortability, or just something to make your life easier, then look no further, Keep reading our post or see more at

Sony Bluetooth earbuds are one of the most popular earbud sets on the market and for a good reason.

They come in various colors and styles to suit your needs, offer exceptional audio quality with their excellent noise cancellation technology and have excellent features like tangle-free cables that make them last longer than other brands.

 Sony True wireless earbuds: Buying Guide

Top Rated Best Sony Earbuds

1. WF1000X True wireless earbuds

Best wireless headphones for commuters

  • Acoustic design: Closed
  • Weight – 71g
  • Cable length: N/A
  • Frequency Response: 3Hz-40000Hz
  • Drivers: N/A
  • Driver type: Hybrid
  • Sensitivity : 101 dB
  • Battery life: 10 Hours
  • Wireless range: N/A
  • NFC: No
Sony WF-1000XM4 Industry...
23,256 Reviews


  • Audiophile wireless sound
  • Good noise cancellation


  • Battery life average
  • Adaptive sound control is slow

These true wireless earbuds are an excellent option for those who don’t want wired headphones but still need the security and comfort of a neckband.

Sony is among the most high-quality wireless headphones that we have ever heard. They also feature aptX HD support, which makes them an excellent choice for commuters.

These Best Sony headphones are fabulous for audiophiles who travel and have 10 hours of battery life.

2. Sony WF-XB700

Earbuds for outdoor use that are rugged and durable with a chunky bass.

  • Connector: N/A
  • Cable length: N/A
  • In-line remote and mic: No
  • OS support: Android/iOS
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise cancellation: No
  • Battery life: 9 hours


  • Clear, punchy sound
  • Battery is excellent
  • Lightweight, comfortable construction


  • Rivals provide more details
  • Earbuds with a reasonable volume

Are you looking for truly wireless buds that are sporty and affordable? It would help if you considered the Sony WF-XB700 – Sony extra bass earbuds. The battery is 18 hours, nine hours for the buds, and nine hours for the case. They are IPX4 water resistance and last up to 18 hours of battery life.

Comfort is a beneficial thing. We were able to locate the buds in our ears without even realizing they were there. Each bud has a button that allows you to control essential functions such as play/pause or skip tracks.

Sony’s Extra Bass audio products include the Sony WF-XB700. They are tuned to emphasize low-frequency response rather than provide a neutral sonic balance. It produces a powerful low-end but doesn’t overwhelm the mid and high frequencies, which show acceptable levels of agility.

Sony WF’s more expensive in-ears have greater detail and subtlety. However, if you are looking for sporty buds, these might be the best Sony headphones.

3. Sony WF-1000XM3

These in-ears are the best Sony earbuds

  • Wireless: Yes
  • Battery life: 8 hours (+16 from case)
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • In-line mic/remote: No
  • 3.5mm connector: No
  • Weight: 8.5g
Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry...
22,855 Reviews


  • Music and timing are great
  • Amazing battery
  • Comfortable fit


  • Support aptX HD not available

Even though the Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless earbuds have replaced them, these true wireless earbuds are still among the most superior in-ear headphones that we’ve ever tried. You’ll find many Sony WF-1000XM3 discounts, even though they aren’t the best sony headphones.

They also come with a carry case that doubles up as a charger. This means you can enjoy wireless playback for up to 32 hours.

These Sony headphones are secure and comfortable so that they don’t slip when you climb an escalator. They are dynamic, musical, and packed with features.

4. Sony WF-1000XM4

These are the best true wireless earbuds available right now.

  • OS support: Android/iOS
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Battery life: 8 hours (24 hours with charging case)
  • Finishes: 2
Sony WF-1000XM4 Industry...
23,256 Reviews


  • Clear and detailed bass heavy performance
  • Amazing sense of musicality
  • Battery life is class-leading
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  • Sony’s Multipoint feature is missing
  • There are not many options for ear tips
  • No aptX HD

The Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless headphones are new for 2023. They build on the enormous success of the Award-winning WF1000XM3 buds and offer even more comfort.

They deliver one of the most dynamic and detailed performances we have ever heard from Bluetooth buds. The bass heavy notes are rich and complex, and the vocals have a refined and sophisticated quality. You will be captivated by their musical performance and grateful for the eight-hour battery life. This is a first-class field.

These Sony headphones are also comfortable to wear. They have touch-sensitive controls, a new tip design, and noise isolation. This is combined with Sony headphones noise cancellation technology, and you have a pair that blocks out all the sound and noise.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 package includes:

  1. IPX4 water resistance Sony’s.
  2. Sony’s intelligent Headphones Connect app for iOS and Android.
  3. Clever features like Quick Attention and Talk-To-Chat.

The WF-1000XM4 earbuds aren’t just the best Sony headphones, and they’re also the best earbuds available right now.

5. Sony WI-1000X wireless headphones

Audiophile wireless headphones for commuters

  • Acoustic design: Closed
  • Weight 71g
  • Cable length: N/A
  • Frequency Response: 3Hz-40000Hz
  • Drivers Type: N/A
  • Driver type Hybrid
  • Sensitivity 101 dB
  • Impedance Battery life: 10 Hours
  • Wireless range: N/A
  • NFC: No


  • Audiophile wireless sound profile
  • Good noise cancellation


  • Battery life average
  • Adaptive sound control is slow

The Sony WI-1000X is an excellent option for those who don’t want wired headphones but still need the security and comfort of a neckband.

These Sony headphones are among the most high-quality true wireless headphones that we have ever heard. They also feature aptX HD support, which makes them an excellent choice for commuters.

The WI-1000X headphones are fabulous for audiophiles who travel and have a decent battery life of 10 hours.

6. Sony WF-SP800N

These earbuds are dynamic and best sounding

  • Connector: N/A
  • Cable length: N/A
  • In-line remote and mic: N/A
  • OS support: Android/iOS
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise cancelling: Yes
  • Battery life: 9 hours (+ 9 hours from charging case)
Sony WF-SP800N Truly Wireless...
1,577 Reviews


  • Vibrant, buoyant sound
  • Comfortable fit


  • A slightly coarse sound
  • Battery life average

The Sony wf sp800n headphones can be used as a great all-rounder. These earbuds will please both those who commute or need to listen to music while they work out.

The wf sp800n are affordable, but they have many useful features and are well-specced. They have a nine-hour battery life (the case gives you an additional nine hours) and support 360 Reality Audio, Sony headphones spatial audio format.

You can control your device via Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. The mic array ensures that you are heard clearly and reliably. You can also adjust the volume using the touch controls.

At this price point, it is hard to beat their winning combination of dynamic sound and decent noise cancelling and good build quality, intelligent features, and great sound.

7. Sony MDR-EX650AP

Snug-fitting, great-sounding, and the best budget Sony earbuds we’ve heard

  • Wireless: No
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Noise-cancelling: No
  • In-line mic/remote: Yes
  • 3.5mm connector: Yes
  • Weight: 9g


  • Comfortable, secure fit
  • Solid, solid, and punchy delivery
  • Large soundstage


  • Remote basic

The EX650s wired headphones will give you a lot of bang for your buck. They have a well balanced sound, dynamic, and immersive, despite their modest price. Sony headphones even used trombone material in the external enclosures and internal sound paths, creating a large soundstage.

The EX650APs include four sizes of buds, so comfort is not an issue. These Sony headphones are a great choice if you love the brassy design.

8. Sony WI-1000X

Impressive wireless noise Sony earbuds with a neckband design

  • Wireless: Yes
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Noise-cancelling: Yes
  • In-line mic/remote: No
  • 3.5mm connector: Yes
  • Weight: 71g


  • Punchy bass
  • Insightful midrange
  • well Balanced


  • Flexible neckband

Although in-ear headphones with neck bands are not for everyone, they offer good battery life and a stable Bluetooth connection. Sony’s wireless neckband concept is a huge success. It is also very sound-quality-oriented, with a clear, punchy, and detailed sound.

There are several levels of noise cancellation, including an ambient mode that is useful for jogging. You can also use the micro USB C cable provided to continue listening to music even after the battery has died. You’ll find an impressive amazing sound and a decent battery life if you like the design.

9. Sony WI-1000XM2 Wireless Earbuds

  • Hi-Res Audio compatibility, 8.9-millimeter audio drivers (in wired mode).
  • High-quality active noise cancelling with integrated processor
  • Battery life up to 10 hours (14 in wired mode).
  • Companion app

If you’re looking for wireless neckband earbuds with a lot of features, the WI-1000XM2 might be your best choice. The earbuds are as good as you would expect for a product at this price.

They deliver excellent sound quality and noise cancellation. The earphones are available in silver or black and will magnetically snap together after being removed from use.

The WI-1000XM2 earbuds are a bit more comfortable than the wireless WF-1000XM4. They also have tactile buttons and great battery life. The headset can be used in wired mode as the retail package also includes an audio cable and a flight adapter.

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10. Sony WI-C310 Wireless Earbuds

Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear...
7,522 Reviews
  • 9-millimeter audio drivers
  •  Magnetic storage with built-in magnets
  • Battery life up to 15 hours
  • USB-C fast connector

While the Sony WI-C310 wireless neckband headphones are priced as an impulse purchase, they are just as reliable as any good pair of earbuds.

The earbuds are lightweight and sleek, comfortable fit, have excellent battery life, and have fast-charged. They are also very affordable and have good audio quality.

The Sony WI-C310 wireless headphones can be stored and worn indefinitely when not in use. The neckband earphones are available in three colors: black, white, and blue.

11. Sony IER-M7 In-Ear Monitors

  • Four balanced armature drivers per pair of earbuds
  • Lightweight construction with magnesium alloy inner housing
  • Bundled audio cables featuring a balanced and standard connector
  • Bundled storage box

The Sony IER-M7 wired-in-ear monitors are a great choice if you want an audiophile-grade sonic environment in a small, portable package.

Each earbud has four balanced armature drivers, which deliver incredible sound quality. The buds’ audio performance can help you discover your favorite tracks again when listening to high-quality content.

For a more comfortable fit, the cables of the earphones have an around-ear design. The package comes with two audio cables, various plugs, a variety of ear tips, and a handy clip.

12. Sony MDR-EX15LP Wired Earbuds

  • 9-millimeter audio drivers
  • Lightweight construction
  • In-ear fit with soft tips
  • Tangle-free cable
Sony MDR-EX15LP-BLACK In-Ear...
9,454 Reviews

These earphones have a powerful sound, lightweight construction, and soft ear tips. The Sony MDR-EX15LP can be ordered in many colors.

13. Sony WI-C310 Wireless

  • Type: in-ear
  • Closure: Closed-Back
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Active Noise Cancelling: No
  • Mic: Yes
  • Transducer: Dynamic
Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear...
7,522 Reviews

We have tested the Sony C310 is cheap wireless in-ear should provide adequate comfort and stability for light exercise.

The neckband has in-line controls, making it easy for you to adjust the volume while on the move. They have a balanced sound profile, with some kick in the bass that can be used with audio content.

They emit very little noise, and the escaping audio is not loud enough to disturb people in an office setting. They can also last for up to seventeen hours on a single charge, so they are well-suited for listening long.

These Sony headphones aren’t the most durable option in this price range. You can’t adjust the sound profile or activate noise cancellation.

You may find it distracting to hear the low-pitched background noises of plane engines and buses while you commute. These Sony headphones with a microphone are not good enough to record phone calls.

14. Sony wh 1000xm4

  • Type: On-ear
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Battery life: 30 hours
  • In-line mic/remote: No
  • 3.5mm connector: Yes
  • Weight: 254g
Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise...
310 Reviews


  • Dynamic, detailed sound
  • Sensational timing sense
  • It’s light, comfortable, and clever


  • No IP rating
  • No aptX support

The Sony wh 1000XM4 over-ears are an upgrade to the (superb) XM3.

You get a more refined design with more oversized ear cushions and new features such as Wearing Detection, which detects when you take them off or put them back on and pauses the music or plays it, and a new audio processor – the DSEE Extreme.

Sony’s Edge AI artificial intelligence is now available on the new chip. This produces a more precise sound from specific sound files. A new algorithm is also available to analyze outside noise more precisely, providing better noise cancellation.

The Sony wh 1000XM4 has a control system – a touch-sensitive panel on the ear headphones and your choice voice assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant).

The Sony WH 1000XM4 has extra tricks, including a new Speak to Chat function and better call quality. The Sony WH 1000XM4 can also connect to up to two devices simultaneously, which is more than the XM3.

The Sony WH 1000XM4 is worth every penny. They have a 30-hour battery life, a comfortable and clever design, sony headphones’ best noise cancelling, and a dynamic sound.

Sony wireless earbuds: Buying Guide

Sony has a rich history of creating unique products that have been designed for the most discerning customers. Sony’s long list of iconic audio devices includes noise cancellation earbud, headphones, popular headsets, and earphones, loved by millions worldwide.

For those who care about audio quality, the Sony earbuds brand has a large selection of earbuds for you to choose from. These are perfect for a long flight or just blocking out environmental ambient noise around you when working.

However, because of their size, they are not mainly designed for portable use. That is where sony’s latest range of dual-driver in-ears comes in. They are portable, compact, and lightweight but still retain high-quality audio.

Many earbuds models offer extreme sound noise isolation, which can limit your awareness of using an external device.

 Sony True wireless earbuds: Buying Guide

Battery Life

The battery is an essential factor when purchasing a new set of earbuds. Some of the true wireless earbuds models offer excellent audio quality at an affordable price point and have a battery of up to five hours.

This may vary according to the volume you are using them at, and many people recommend choosing a lower volume because, on higher volumes, the earbuds can start to sound a bit tinny and lack clarity. However, this is a minimal price to pay for such an affordable set of earbuds with excellent audio quality.

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Connectivity And Controls of true wireless earbuds

Dual driver headphones are designed to deliver high-quality audio. There are two drivers within the earbuds, positioned next to each other and separated by a tiny membrane.

Most in-ear headphones have one dynamic driver, whereas these models contain two separate drivers for high and low frequencies. This means you get better control over the quality of the sound that you are listening to. However, it does mean they will cost a bit more than some of the other options on the market today.

One of the best things about dual drivers headphones is that there is no need to replace or recharge batteries. The battery for these earbuds can be up to eight hours, making them ideal for a long-haul flight.

 Connectivity And Controls of truly wireless earbuds

Audio Performance

Many people are used to listening to their favorite songs and sounds on a single channel setup. One of the great things about sony’s range of dual drivers is that you can use them as both left and right earpieces.

This means you get full stereo sound; however, if you only want to listen to one side, this is possible with these earbuds. The range of models available in the Sony earphones collection varies according to your requirements and budget.

Best Sony earbuds, for example, are designed to deliver crystal clear sound across all frequencies. These types of headphones can be used for various applications, including listening to music or talking on the phone.

This is great because it means you don’t have to keep taking your headphones in and out of your ears when you are taking a call. Connect them up to the smartphone via Bluetooth and take the call through the earbuds’ microphone. The great thing about these earphones is that they can be used for either the left or right ear.

There are many different models available today, so consider which one will fit your lifestyle and budget the best.

Active noise cancellation

This is one of the features that mark it out from its competitors and is sure to have been a big selling point for those who want to block out external ambient noise without shelling out extra money on a pair of headphones with active noise cancellation features built-in.

The best Sony headphones feature Passive Playback and Noise Cancellation features. The former means users can playback audio passively even when the battery dies (with a wired connection).

The latter blocks unwanted environmental sound and features an external microphone that detects ambient sound mode for phone call quality and notifications.

The features have become even more refined, keeping the bass at a high point without sacrificing anything else while simultaneously providing very clear mid to high-frequency audio reproduction.

These Sony headphones are made with magnetic drivers, which allow you to attach two earbuds (as if they were one) – ideal when you’re not using them or carrying them around.

You can detach them again any time you wish! They’re perfect when commuting as it saves on storage space in your bag or pocket and means there’s no danger of losing one or both because they’re securely attached.


Are Sony earbuds good?

Suppose you’re looking for a brand that is high quality at low prices, then yes. They are great!

How long do Sony earbuds last?

They’ll last a long time as long as you take care of them.

Is Sony WF-1000XM3 suitable for the gym?

These earbuds are not sweat-resistant, so I think the answer is no unless you’re willing to put them in a case when they get wet or something like that.

Are Sony earbuds good

Do Sony earbuds have a mic?

Yes! You should be able to use these just fine on pretty much any device out there today as long as it has a microphone input jack (most smartphone devices do).

However, the quality of the mic will depend significantly on your particular device’s native touch controls. For example, if you press and hold the volume down button on your phone and talk into the built-in microphone, this microphone will likely outperform most other microphones in terms of audio quality.

Do Sony earbuds have a mic

Where are Sony earbuds made?

Sony earbuds headphones have a long history of being manufactured in several different countries for varying lengths of time.

For example, their Walkman cassette players were produced in China (among other places). Still, the Walkman brand was primarily manufactured in Japan until the late 2010s and the early 2000s when it switched to Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In addition to that, most modern-day products, including headphones, are also manufactured outside of Japan (primarily China and Vietnam). The location where a product is made has minimal effect on its price, soo that’s not something to worry about!


Sony makes some of the best earbuds on the market, and they have models for every need. They are a top-quality brand that you can always trust to provide excellent products.

HookeAudio hopes this post has helped you find your perfect pair of headphones! Contact us if we can help find what you’re looking for or if there’s anything else we could do to make your shopping experience better.


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