Audio Technica Earbuds Review: Top Full Guide 2023

Audio Technica Earbuds Review 2023 Is It For You
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Audio Technica earbuds are an excellent option for anyone looking for quality audio at an affordable price. They provide high-quality sound with deep bass, and the ergonomic design ensures they will be comfortable to wear.

Audio Technica earbuds are one of the best options on the market if you’re looking for affordable headphones that still deliver high-quality sound without sacrificing anything in terms of durability or comfort.

You’ve been searching around but haven’t found any good deals yet. That’s why we are here to give you an honest overview of the Audio Technica Earbuds review article below! Read on to find out what these earbuds have to offer, and make sure that they are suitable for your hobby!

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW Review

Pros And Cons


  • Battery life of 15 hours
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good sound quality


  • Buds are big
  • The update process can be cumbersome
  • There are limited onboard controls
  • The app does not include any audio presets or EQ.
  • Lacks features like automatic pausing


True wireless earbuds, the ATH-CKS5TW, follow the same design guidelines as the wire-free range. The ATH-CKS5TW true wireless earbuds are held in a small, pillbox-shaped case that charges magnetically.

The case has its battery storage and can be charged. It will also charge the earbuds inside. Once paired with your device once, they will automatically connect via Bluetooth when taken out of the case and turn off when put back in.

What is the ATH-CKS5TW’s truly wireless earbuds’ unique selling point? These two main features are battery life and USB C charging. The reversible fast-charging port is a rare find among wireless earbuds.

Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW Review

The fully charged wireless earbuds last for 15 hours, while the case can hold 30 hours of playback. This is a respectable amount of time.

However, the extra battery life does not mean that the earbuds or case are any more significant than other true wireless models we have tried. This is especially noticeable in the truly wireless earbuds, which have the bud-only rather than the stemmed-look that you would see with AirPods.

They come in matte-black and have a wingtip to hold them in place. Although the rubber wingtips come as standard and are easier to remove, getting them in our ears was still challenging.

They can feel a little fragile when in use, especially if you’re constantly on the move.

The physical button on each earbud is something that’s greatly appreciated. This button gives you much more control over the playback of your music than a touch-sensitive panel, and it works well.

They are also IPX2 waterproof, making them suitable for light exercise (but not swimming or showering), and Bluetooth 5.0 will ensure a stable connection to your devices.

However, during the long-term testing, we discovered a surprising issue in how difficult the wireless charging case was. The case’s large size is justifiable, given the amount of playback battery juice that it holds.

However, the case’s cutaway enclosure and size meant that the buds were not a good fit. It would be a mistake to pop the buds back in the case quickly.

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The ATH-CKS5TW true wireless earbuds are great once they’re correctly fitted. These earbuds are slightly different from Audio-Technica’s neutral-sounding ATH-CKS5TW, with more bass tones than you would typically expect from the brand.

Although we prefer a neutral sound, the extra bass is a welcome addition. Historically, true wireless earbuds have been a bit lacking in the low-end.

Audio-Technica’s handling is tasteful, adding a little more oomph to the mix without making it too loud. The earbuds have a nice thump that adds warmth and dynamic to bassy parts.

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The 10mm drivers offer good detail and dynamism. A dual-layer diaphragm is used in conjunction with (and we are happy to quote this here) a redesigned exit hole to send better tunes to your ears.

Scott Walker’s: It’s raining today from the album Scott 3 has been described as a complex piece. It combines an orchestrated chamber-pop tune and a sustained, high-pitched violin sound. The soundstage is spacious and allows all instruments to perform their jobs.

Hit something with a bit more crunch. The Clash’s Police and Thieves was delivered with a snap to the guitar stabs and snare work while the bobbling bass line moves wonderfully. It’s easy to see the full range of the earbuds.

Robyn’s Missing U was an electronic production that Robyn tried out. The earbuds did a great job and could handle the driving bass kick and shimmering synth arpeggios with ease.

The passive noise isolation was also impressive. They are comfortable to wear once they’re in place. The good low-end response, max solid volume, and good low-end response make them an excellent fit for podcasting.


Audio Technica AT-ANC300TW Review

Pros And Cons


  • Price
  • Automatic pausing
  • Five charges per case


  • Unfitness can make you feel uncomfortable
  • Frustrating touch controls
  • No customization
  • IPX2 rating


The case of ATH ANC300TW is pocket-friendly. They can be carried in my pocket while I commute. To increase friction between your finger and the lid, the lid has a matte finish. This reduces fingerprint stains and makes it easier to open the case.

Magnets secure the earbuds in their case. The case will not be damaged if it is accidentally opened in your bag. The USB Type-C charging port is located on the left side.

Audio Technica AT-ANC300TW Review

These true wireless buds have physical buttons that are rare in wireless models. A press button is still my preference, as it’s more reliable than a touch sensor.

The press button can be found on both ends of the earbuds for calling, and pausing playback and volume control.

The Audio Technica logo and the ANC feedback mic are engraved on the faceplate. To maximize sound delivery efficiency, the ANC feedback microphone is placed perpendicularly to the driver.

The ATH-ANC300TW is similar to other wireless earbuds. It has a shorter nozzle than in-ear monitors (IEMs). Audio Technica has created a unique ergonomic design for the ATH-ANC300TW.

It looks almost like an IEM shell. It allows for good insertion. It is one of the most fitting wireless earbuds.

Audio Technica created a smartphone app for their wireless headphones A-T Connect. This application is highly recommended for users. The Audio Technica ATH-ANC300TW supports three different ANC modes: Airplane, On-the-Go, and Office. They allow you to hear through mode.

Users can also check the codec and battery life. The application has a problem. It requires location service to function. This application was incompatible with my Android-powered digital audio players (DAPs), such as the iBasso DX220.

Although the application prompts me to enable location service, iBasso’s DAPs (Android-powered digital audio players) are not equipped. It doesn’t work.

Along with the buds, Audio-Technica wireless earbuds review throws in the standard three additional sets of silicone ear tips and USB-A-to-USB-C charging cable, plus a set of Comply foam tips.

While they’re not super expensive on their own, folks love their Comply tips, and it’s nice of Audio-Technica wireless earbuds review to include a pair here. More earbud manufacturers should do this.


The ATH-ANC300TW comes in a compact white box with a picture and logo of the true wireless earphones. The distinctive selling features, such as driver configuration and battery life, are written on the right side of the box. We can see what is within the box at a glance on the left side of the box. The technical specs are given in full on the back of the package.

You’ll see a layer of black foam covering the device and other accessories when you open the box. When the foam is removed, the ATH-ANC300TW appears for the first time. The charging case houses the earphones. Audio Technica includes four sets of silicone ear tips (M size is pre-installed on the earbuds) and a pair of Comply memory foam ear tips.

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The charging wire and a user handbook are placed underneath after removing the plastic that holds the casing and ear tips. Please spend some time reading the user manual; it will help you maximize the potential of these true wireless earphones while also reducing frustration during use!


A-T Connect is a smartphone application created by Audio Technica for its wireless headphones. I strongly advise folks to install this on their cellphones. The ATH-ANC300TW has three ANC modes: Airplane, On-The-Go, and Office. These modes can only be changed through the program.

Users may also monitor the battery life, the code used, and noise suppression settings. However, the program has a problem because it needs location service to function. I tested it on my Android-powered digital audio players (DAPs), such as the iBasso DX220. The program will constantly urge me to enable location service, but the iBasso DX220 does not have location service to the best of my knowledge. It just doesn’t work.

Fitting and Noise Cancellation

As noted before, because of its semi-custom-like shell, the ATH-ANC300TW has a deep insertion. Compared to other true wireless earbuds I’ve tested and evaluated, the fit is above average. Surround noise may be effectively muted when noise cancellation is enabled.

However, the ANC feedback microphones seem incapable of reliably detecting wind noise. It sometimes increases it rather than reduces it. There may be space for improvement in their later release. This was not the case with my Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2.


I paired my Audio Technica ATH-ANC300TW with my iPhone XR via the AAC codec to analyze the sound signature. The AAC format is the majority of files that were played. It was also paired to my iBasso DX220 periodically, using aptX codec for hearing my lossless library.

It isn’t night and day. The details are slightly better, and the separation is better on aptX. The AAC codec seems capable of handling my daily commute music needs.

The application can be used on my phone but not on my DAP. I chose an iPhone and the ATH-ANC300TW pairing.

To analyze the sound signature, the Audio Technica ATH-ANC300TW was paired to my iPhone XR via the AAC codec. The AAC format is the majority of files that were played. It was also paired to my iBasso DX220 periodically, using aptX codec for hearing my lossless library.

Sound quality

It isn’t night and day. The details are slightly better, and the separation is better on aptX. The AAC codec seems capable of handling my daily commute music needs. The application can be used on my phone but not my DAP. I chose an iPhone and the ATH-ANC300TW pairing.

Sound Signature

The ATH-ANC300TW uses a neutral sound signature. You are correct. True wireless earbuds have a reference sound signature. The ATH-ANC300TW is a truly wireless earbud that Audio Technica has developed over the years.

It features the same sound signature as their studio monitors, the ATH-50X and ATH-50X.


Audio Technica ATH-50X soundstage was never a problem for me as a user. The ATH-ANC300TW’s width allows every note in the different frequencies to shine without causing any interference. The notes flow in harmony and parallel.

The ATH-ANC300TW has done a great job of separating vocals and instruments. The Audio Technica ATH-ANC300TW has a slimmer body than most true wireless earbuds on the market.

This means that the presentation isn’t as smooth as some of the more expensive models. It is also possible to identify the exact position of instruments.


ATH-ANC300TW’s lows are more polite than typical IEMs powered by dynamic drivers. It is fast and has a lot of decay. It is not sufficient to create a three-dimensional soundstage. This compromise could allow for more reference-sounding earbuds that use only a dynamic driver.

Although the lows may seem shy and polite, they are precise and accurate. The bass is precise and hits the right timing, creating a neat and clean presentation that lacks sluggishness or muddiness. Overall, the presentation is fast and dynamic. This tuning has one effect: some genres like rock, such as rock, will sound soulless because there are no bass rumbles.

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The ATH-ANC300TW’s mids are transparent and clean. It is very light in color. This makes ATH ANC300TW a fabulous pair of vocal monitoring earbuds.

This is a rare feature in wireless earbuds. My experience shows that truly wireless earbuds (usually consumer-range audio products) tend to have a smoothening and coloration effect in the middle to enhance the listening experience.

Sound Quality

The ATH-ANC300TW is better suited for mature listeners, as mentioned in the previous section. The lack of warmth and coloration in the mids may make them sound dull and dry to those familiar with the range of consumer audio gear.

Audio Technica’s models are excellent for studio monitoring and have a darker, slightly cooler sound signature.


The highs in ATH-ANC300TW have a good range. The highs are not too dominant in the overall sound signature, despite the lack of warmth from the mids and lows.

ATH-ANC300TW was a pleasant listening experience. It was my commute partner. It’s a 90-minute ride from my home to Singapore. I can listen to the music and not feel fatigued or treble piercing during the journey.

What do true wireless earbuds with reference sounding sound like in the highs? It’s crisp. This is the best way I know to describe highs.

Although it sounds a bit strange, it is very accurate in terms of speed. Audio Technica put in a studio monitor to these true wireless earbuds with ANC features – a rare and unique model.



Are Audio-Technica earbuds worth the price?

Audio-Technica’s ATH-CKS5TW is an excellent value for money and has good battery life. These true wireless earbuds have an excellent sound quality and reliable controls.

They lack some of the customization offered by the competition and are missing key features that would make them more desirable.

Are Audio-Technica products good?

Audio-Technica headphones are a well-known brand. They offer headphones at a lower price point. They produce a high-quality sound, but they are not as sturdy as higher-end models.

They are… These headphones offer an excellent price-performance ratio and are extremely well-balanced.


Audio-Technica products good

What is Audio-Technica’s reputation?

Audio-Technica Corporation, a Japanese company, designs and produces professional microphones, headphones, and turntables.

Is Audio-Technica is better than Beats?

The Audio-Technica headphones are both over-ear, closed-back headphones. However, they have a neutral sound and a better passive soundstage.

The Beats, however, are wireless, have controls and a microphone and active noise cancellation, which makes them more versatile than the Audio-Technica.

Is Audio-Technica better than JBL?

Overall, the materials used in the JBL E45BT are tougher and more appealing. The ATH-S200BT, on the other hand, is excellent for particular listening situations, such as exercise. Furthermore, they are both better suited to various genres. The E45BT is more suited to hip-hop and pop music, while the S200BT is better suited to rock, indie, and acoustic music.

Are JBL headphones better than AirPods?

Apple AirPods (2nd generation) Truly Wireless are superior than JBL TUNE 220TWS Truly Wireless. The Apple is far more comfortable, has a more quality appearance and feel, a more accurate sound profile with a little more bass, a lot better battery life, and some iOS customizing possibilities.

Do JBL AirPods work with Apple?

JBL headphones, earphones, and accessories are all compatible with iPhones. Wireless headphones connect through Bluetooth, and the JBL Headphones app allows you to check the headset settings.


The Audio Technica Earbuds are among the best budget earbuds you can find on the market today. The fact that they are true audio Technica at this price level is nothing short of amazing, and after reading our review, you will know why.

The audio quality and the noise isolation are nothing short of amazing for this price point, and it’s been proven by many consumer reviews.

If you are interested in earbuds that can deliver authentic sound at a budget level, then these earbuds will give you excellent value for your money.

Hooke Audio hopes you found our review helpful, and we encourage readers to comment with their thoughts on these earbuds!

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